Support MAGPAS by joining their lottery!

Magpas is a charity reliant on donations of both time and money. The charity seeks funding to maintain its core emergency medical services It’s Emergency Medical Team – Helimedix, their equipment and running costs.… Continue reading

Liz Jones: From Burkas to Barking Mad

I’ve not encountered the column of Liz Jones before but after reading her post about ‘mummy bloggers’ I took a quick glance through the titles of some of her other posts and found… Continue reading

11.11.2012 #SilentSunday

Will Aid: During November, some Solicitors will write you a Will in return for a donation to charity…

Will Aid, the UK’s most enduring and successful charity Will-making scheme, runs again for the month of November 2012. The Solicitors who kindly agree to take part receive no payment for their services,… Continue reading

The Unguarded Woods #100WCGU

  Had the police taken more care and realised the meaning of the orange spot, there was a high chance that they wouldn’t have left the woods unguarded allowing him to return that night… Continue reading

4.11.2012 #SilentSunday

November is #NaNoWriMo

As some of you will already know and some of you will be blissfully unaware, November is #NaNoWriMo. Or, National Novel Writing Month to give it its full title. The basic premiss is… Continue reading

The Coach House, St Neots

Feeling in need of a Sunday dinner but without the inclination to make one, we headed off to The Coach House in St Neots. It’s a lovely building and unbeknownst to us had… Continue reading

28.10.2012 #SilentSunday

All Things Minecraft

If, like my boys, you are obsessed with Minecraft then you will need to see these: The innocuous looking black coat, by the way, is for the secret geek; it looks like a… Continue reading